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Lamb biryani cut

Lamb Biryani Cut

MRP : ₹ 599

Every Indian feast's centerpiece requires nothing less than this biryani cut. Chunks of fat-streaked lamb meat from the shoulder, leg, neck, spine and ribs that turn soft and shredded in texture adding richness to your meals while giving off an oily aroma characteristic of sumptuous biryanis, when cooked.

No. of Pieces 7 to 8

Gross Wt. 666gms

Serves 4

Net wt. 500gms

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  • Chicken humanely raised in restricted bio-security zones
  • Hand selected after age and weight calibration
  • 100% vegetarian feed
  • 100% free of antibiotic residue and hormones
  • Hygienically vacuum-packed
  • Artisanal butchery
  • Net weight of prepped meat only
  • Meat of genetically modified chickens
  • Meat of chicken on growth promoters

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